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Future Students, Post-docs, Internship, Grad schools

  • UCO Cybersecurity Program: Welcome! Our department has created a strong cybersecurity program at UCO. Please find more information here.

  • Research experience: I am looking for talented and/or motivated students to conduct interesting research. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any research interest or would like to deepen your knowledge and skill sets for your career regardless what background you have. This is typically a prerequisite step for me to search any funding opportunity as follows.

  • Research assistantship, graduate and undergraduate research, Postdoc positions: If you have strong research and/or programming skills for research assistantship or postdoc, please contact me. I need to have research exploration with you at least for a month to determine your fit for an opportunity.

  • Internship positions: Internship employers are actively looking for strong students who can do real solid hands-on work. If you believe you are one who can give them nice code, you are welcomed to contact me. I can give referrals for strong and passionate students.

  • Future career for competitive engineers, researchers, or professors: If you have passion to pursue advanced career, I will be happy to talk about it.

Current UCO Students

  • If you are inside UCO campus, you can find more information from my campus internal information page [here].